This is our Limited Edition of 500 made Super Street 1969 Yenko Nova. Using the recently recovered GMP closed door mold, the new parts do include a flat lift off hood with cut out for the blower, new Weld Wheel Drag Star wheels, a monster tach on the dash, roll bar, a nitrous bottle between the seats, and rear seat delete. Yes, the hood pins will be on the production units.It will also have a very detailed 496″ big block with supercharger, detailed carbs, headers, and plug wires. Check out the enlarged photo of the back of the car, and see the really cool wheelie bars (removable)and the real metal rear spoiler. It will also have a parachute (not showing at this time – and will be removable). These will be in a GMP 1320 Kings box along with a Supercar Collectibles logo on it.


Weight 3.5 kg
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