1970 Buick GSX in Apollo White


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About This Item
Owner: Gordon Martin

This car was born to run: a 1970 Buick GSX with a roaring Stage 1 engine, a slick 4-speed Muncie transmission and a manual steering box that gave you total control. It was one of only 187 GSXs that wore the Apollo White coat that year, out of a total of 678. It was a beast on the drag strip, but it never got to live up to its full potential. Having only 29,675 miles, it was abandoned in Wisconsin after 1976. Until it was discovered again in 2018, by Gordon and Sandy Martin of Atikokan, Ontario Canada who recognized its value. They hired Kurt Anderson and his crew at “Autokraft Race Cars and Restoration”, who restored it to its original glory. Using parts provided by Todd Miller at “Stage 1 Restoration” and a special favor from Jason Line, a three-time NHRA pro stock world champion, who rebuilt the engine. The car was reborn and won several awards, including Concourse Gold at MCACN 2021 and Top 12 muscle car of the year by Goodguys in Phoenix, Arizona 2021. It is a legend that lives on and Auto World is excited to replicate this holy grail for you to enjoy, for years to come.


1:18 scale die-cast replica
Apollo White with Black GSX Stripes
Detailed Engine
Steerable Front Wheels
Accurate Interior and Chassis
Opening Doors and Hood


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