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1969 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ


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At the 2017 MCACN, we met Scott Mancini with his incredible award-winning Espresso Brown 1969 Pontiac® Grand Prix™ SJ. Up until Scott bought this car in mid-2016, it was a special-order, one-owner car, that had sat undisturbed for 27 years on jack stands in
a Pittsburgh garage. The original owners, Tony and Pat Raffaele, took immaculate care of this car for nearly 47 years. The car is an all-original survivor minus a couple of minor paint corrections. It is one of only 302 factory 4-speed SJs and has only 13k original
miles. In 2017, it was shown at the Cincinnati Concourse where it won first place in its class along with winning the HVA Preservation award. At the 2017 MCACN, where it participated in the Vintage Certification Program, it was awarded the Legend level of preservation being judged as 92.6 original as it left the factory. Additionally at the 2017 MCACN, it was chosen as Mecum auction’s pick award winner of the show. Auto World is proud to replicate this well-preserved time capsule of classic American steel.


• Detailed Engine

• Steerable Front Wheels

• Accurate Interior and Chassis

• Opening Doors, Hood and trunk


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