1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda – Henri Chemin


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Chrysler of France’s #42 1970 Plymouth Trans Am Barracuda that was driven by Henri Chemin. It’s Hemi powered, with a shaker hood (just like the real car)!

After leading Ford’s European racing program in the 1960s, Chemin moved over Chrysler in the early 1970s to start developing their European racing program. Henri Chemin ordered four of these Chryslers, and he would pilot this Cuda to a total of 62 wins!

Chemin amassed these victories in an incredible way. He would enter the Cuda in events, and had victories in not just road racing, but also in hill climbs and ralleys! Each model will include a certificate of authenticity personally signed by Henri Chemin, and a CD/DVD containing historical footage of the restoration of the Cuda. The recent new tooling includes many new race parts. This is a run of a historic Mopar race car with 696 replica’s made.

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